Our ethos is to reveal the narrative of each project through a process of thoughtful collaboration between our Clients and members of the design team. We are transparent and democratic in all that we do, guided by a strong ethical compass. Central to this process is our ability to problem-solve: we turn challenges into opportunities, difficulties become potentials. We also believe that architecture holds the potential to be a vehicle of social and economic change for the better.

We are motivated and interested in social and community engagement, as means to be bring about positive change within the public domain, as we believe that architecture has a unique opportunity now in the 21 century to begin to bring about fundamental change through public engagement. Our first major commission, is our recently completed radical Independent book shop, where we have converted an existing redundant bank, with a Homeless charity for housing, vulnerable people.

We have just been appointed by Portsmouth Diocese on St Margaret’s Church in Southsea Portsmouth, to undertake a detailed appraisal of a wonderful existing 1950’s church, where we have been challenged to re imagine the future of this  building and the types of uses, that can take place, 24/7.

One key piece of work that we have been also been appointed on this year, is to look at and review the public realm and redundant retail space through the city of Southampton, by The Business Improvement District group. On this piece of work we are acting as brief writer’s, with a view to engaging other local creative experts to deliver the vision and what the future of public realm and future of the high street uses might be. Its important for the practice vison moving forward, to have a wide view of design engagement across the build environment.

We don’t see our role as been pure architecture in the traditional sense, its not about designing everything that might come our way, we are interested in collaborating and delivering a creative vison for any given design challenge. If there is to be a bright positive future for architectural practice, then we have to be open minded as to how we can be creative change makers.

Moving forward we are keen to continue our engagement in working with the wider community in public projects as we feel there is great potential in this area of society.