In Feburary 2019 Studio B.a.d where appointed to look at the refurbishment of an existing house in Bilbao, Spain. This existing house currently sits to the North of Bilbao, nestled in the landscape of the Basque region. The existing house sits on a high plateau set in mature landscape with stunning views across the Ugarrte Aozan Valley. The house itself lends itself to being remodeled with the opportunities to excavate the basement structure and explore basement living, whilst opening up the South facing elevation to the views. Therefore the house will utilize its in situ concrete basement structure which lends itself to being redesigned and explore how living and sleeping might be flexible in the way they are currently.

The feasibility study produced looked at developing the left over and under used concrete basement structure, maximising the South facing aspect and views.

The design strategy has been to create a family home for the 21 century needs of those who will live there for the next 25 years.

The form, material and detailed composition of the development has evolved through a review of the existing spaces and redundant volumes in the basement. The scheme has placed great importance on the quality of living, in exploring and exploiting light, views and flexible open plan living.

The new spaces have been carefully positioned to minimize disruption to the existing structure and open up the plan the to the primary aspect facing South.

Improved landscaping and external terrace space’s at both ground and basement levels to improve the families amenity space, have been proposed.

Practice : Studio: Bad

Time Scale: APRIL 2019 – APRIL 2020

Budget: £150.000