New extension to New Forest Cottage

Studio B.a.d where appointed to undertake  feasibility study in May 2019   for a new extension, which accommodates, a new replacement living / snug space within as well as reconfiguring the internal ground plan arrangement adjacent to the kitchen. The feasibility study was commissioned to review how the existing conservatory can be replaced with a new structure that deliveries a comfortable, contemporary space, that through out the year, responds to both the fluctuations in temperature as well as dealing with the increasing acoustics from the adjacent road. Its also an opportunity to create a greater flexibility within the the plan layout and its relationship to the garden and maximizing natural daylight. 

 Blackwater cottage sits to the South of Minstead and just North of both Emery Down and Pikes Hill on the New Forest  

The design strategy has been to review and respond to  the existing conditions, which currently exist in the simple timber and masonry conservatory. The challenge has been to look at a number of design ideas that could update the existing condition to exploit and update this part of the house and site. These possibilities, include, looking at upgrading the existing condition, with a new highly insulated and acoustically sealed elegant conservatory space. 

A series of options have been carefully created, considered and presented, to look at the type of form, material and detailed composition of the new conservatory, the response has been to the existing situation of the new Forest vernacular  nature of the cottage. These options seek to address the excellent position the house holds, with regards to solar orientation. So the options have sought to maximize both the wonderful long views across the site whilst looking to harness the sun path as it travel’s across the East  West corner of the house. 

The various opportunities illustrated also seek to place great importance on the quality of space and light with the various roof forms that have been explored, as well as the elevational treatments, looking to exploit large areas of glazing for natural day light. There has been an element of exploiting and opening up the current floor plan condition around the kitchen, to open up views and day light also. 

The proposal seeks to engage with the garden, by proposing large sliding doors to open up and exploit the mature surrounding landscape and its relationship to the house. 

A planning application was submitted in August 2019. 

Practice : Studio: Bad

Time Scale: May 2019 – Ongoing

Budget: £50.000