New public canopy

In January 2019 Studio B.a.d where commissioned to undertakea detailed feasibility study tolook at options for a new public canopy adjacent to the main performance arena at BovingtonTank Museum.

Thesite sits in Dorset, South West England and is about 1 mile North of the village of wooland 12 miles West of the Port of Poole. The tank museum itself traces the history of the tankfrom the first to the most current. The TankMuseumsits above the current arena, allowingviews of the many tank events that happen throughout the year.Therefore there is an opportunity to extend the current small arena of covered space to allowvisitors to shelter from any bad weather, whilst watching the many events on show.The Museum brings history to lifewiththe worlds bestcollectionof tanks and live displays,whilst telling the story of tanks over the past 100 years.This feasibility study seeks to develop the existing space in front of the current East facingaspect and views.

The design strategy has been to develop a series of simple options that will allow for uninterrupted views of the many displays that take place within the mainpublicarena.The form, materials and detail of the proposal have evolved through a review of the existingbuilding and structure. The scheme has placed importance on the quality of the experiencefor every visitor, so that they can continue to enjoy the incredible experience of the livedisplays, whilst being able to be undercover and seamless experience the view of the events.We have also proposed some thoughts and ideas around improving the landscaping andexternal terracing, so that there are possible external terracing, to allow for seating to be setwithin the extent of the existing levels of the site

Practice : Studio: Bad

Time Scale: Jan 2018 – April 2020

Budget: £150.000