New house on Brownfield site

Skinny House, is a development opportunity on a brownfield corner plot that currently has a converted garage with an over grown patch of scrub land. The  planning application proposal seeks to develop this left over and under used piece of land to provide a high quality two storey semi detached three bedroom house, in the heart of Southampton. The site sits on, Hill Lane which is a major artery that serves Southampton City Centre. 

The design strategy has been to create a high quality semi detached terrace house on an unsightly left over piece of land close to the heart of Southampton.  

The form, material and detailed composition of the development has evolved through extensive research into the local vernacular. The scheme has placed great importance on the quality of living of potential residents and the privacy / amenity of existing neighboring residents.  

The new house has been carefully positioned on the site to minimize disruption to adjacent buildings and development’s, with the schemes primary aspect facing South.  

Improved landscaping and planting between the proposed new house and existing developments will also aide visual screening and improve resident’s amenity.  

Practice : Studio: Bad

Time Scale: April 2019 – Ongoing

Budget: £275.000