Studio BAD were commissioned by GO! Southampton to curate, write and deliver a series of urban public realm interventions for Southampton city centre for which the ‘City Vinyl’s’ was the first project, part of the ongoing, incremental strategy to enliven the public realm across the city centre.

The concept was to activate the city, especially looking to make engage with vacant retail spaces. The ‘City Vinyl’s project was won by artist, Nathan Evans, a local graphic artist and designer. His concept was themed around a number of key phrases that represent the city and its inhabitants, reflected though the designs in an uplifting and positive way. Each artwork is intentionally crafted to be flexible, allowing them to be used to redecorate any dimension of shop front across the city centre.

The designs act to ask questions about the redundant space and place, what are the opportunities and how can the community get involved to reimagine and repurpose these spaces with new, vibrant uses. A number of themes which showcase the diversity and positivity of the city were embraced, including: CITY OF LEARNING, CITY OF RESEARCH & INNOVATION, CITY OF CULTURE, CITY OF PLAY, GLOBAL CITY, ENTREPRENURIAL CITY and DIVERSE CITY.

Practice : Studio: B.A.D Architects

Time Scale: May 2019 – Ongoing

Budget: Undisclosed

Location: Southampton, Hampshire

Client: GO! Southampton