Making a difference through innovation

It was such a privilege to be asked to contribute to the latest ‘Solve’ magazine, published by Portsmouth University. The publication showcases past Portsmouth alumni who are busy across all sectors, creating a better world for all and it was great discussing our work at Studio BAD, our passions and philosophy around critical thinking and problem solving.

It was truly humbling to be included in this impressive list including: Roni Savage BEng the founder of ‘Jomas Associates’ who work with the construction industry to ensure sites are fit for development; Kia Hallaji BSc Hons Senior Inventor at ‘?What If!’ helping companies invent new things, products, services or brands; and the truly inspiring Mille Clare BA Hons, although a recent graduate she has already launched ‘Human Beauty’ to show the beauty industry why ‘perfect’ is boring but ‘human’ is beautiful.

In the article I discuss the concept, which is central to Studio BAD’s ethos, that architecture holds the potential to be a vehicle for social and economic change for the better. We believe that to be an architect now it isn’t just about designing physical buildings and structures, but fundamentally it is about creative problem solving. For example in our recent Bedford Place project we worked to engage with the road closures during the pandemic, creating a dynamic pedestrianised area that enhanced the area.

The full article, Architects of a better tomorrow, can be found here.