At the core of Studio BAD’s ethos is the concept of re-use; believing in the power of reimaging buildings, districts and spaces, to create engaging and reanimated places across a multitude of project types, including large scale civic reactivation projects, housing schemes, reimagined community centers, one off homes and house extensions and refurbishments.

Working with their team of handpicked collaborators of artists, designers and industry experts, Studio B.A.D Architects deliver thoughtful, rich design solutions.

Our process differs from the norm as we do not just build a brief with our clients, we have a more ‘bottom-up’ way of working. At the start of each project the design team takes time to listen deeply, to hear exactly what our clients are really looking for and what they truly need, to reveal a richer narrative of each scheme.

Often, especially for our community engagement projects, we carry out live testing or temporary light-touch solutions, in order to develop and enhance permanent insulations.

Our involvement can be hands on throughout the project cycle, from concept through to involvement in procurement, community workshops, delivery and onsite construction.

We believe working with Studio BAD is more than just engaging in an architectural service, we believe we create long term relationships, built on trust and mutual respect.

Central to the architectural process is the ability to problem solve; turning architectural challenges into opportunities, what may appear difficulties often become potentials.

Studio BAD believe that architecture can a vehicle for positive social and economic change.