Site updates

Over the last few months there has been a huge progress on site for our two residential projects currently in the construction phase. We haven’t been very vocal about the projects, the process on site is something we are used to and often take for granted, but it is sometimes good to take a moment to pause, and appreciate how far we have come with the schemes.

In Berkshire Cullverland Farm is looking fantastic. The two storey contemporary extension is making great progress, the fitting of the exterior cladding is nearly concluded, totally altering the appearance of the structure and taking the structure from looking very much like ‘work in progress’ and transforming it to look a finished home (although there is still plenty to do!). Once completed the dark, larch cladding will bring the home into dialogue with the rural, agricultural surroundings and help to blend the new addition into the site.

At Holly Cottage, a Grade II Listed home set in the South Downs National Park, the contemporary extension is starting to come out of the ground. Due to the historic nature of this type of building there have been slight complications along the way, which is to be expected when altering old properties and something we had been anticipating to work around.