We where delighted to be invited by Gemma Barton to judge the Interior Architecture awards 2020. This is the second year now we have been invited to take part, its such an honour to be involved in the school the promotes some of the most imaginative free thinking projects.

Our award is for graduating students undertaking the Interior Architecture course in recognition of narrative and storytelling through excellence in drawings and representation.

This year do not disappoint, we where asked to choose a first and second winner as follows:


  1. JOHN TORRES – The Hippodrome Cultural Hub – Making of the Circular City


A wonderful exploration through current challenges, reimagining cities with a response based on tackling climate change with direct influence from the circular economy, re using the amazing Hipporome building. This project tackles all of the many societal challenges we are facing in towns and cities, with a fantastic meanwhile approach, this has an opportunity to both raise cultural conversation but also educate a place like Brighton in the year of City of culture.


There are some quite wonderful drawings, that seek to give glimpses of atmospheres that map a whole series of events over a set programme, in the life of this project. As a proposition, brief and set of outcomes, this project demonstrates a maturity and understanding of real world issues far beyond the expectations at this level, so John is to be congratulated.



2.     Mashaal Baloch – ELYSIUM: The Future of Graveyards

A fantastic journey into the world of celebrating life + death and the future use our digital opportunities. The question is posed ‘How is our presence in digital space changing the way we die’?

This project takes on the challenge of celebrating peoples lives in the digital world, by repurposing an existing former church building, with some quite wonderful components that respond to the defined program, weaving an atmospheric set of light touch floating elements.

It’s a thought provoking and exciting prospect that the digital world is grasped as a means to create both virtual and physical architecture to deliver a future digital graveyard.


Take a look at all the work here:


There is also a small piece on Dezeen here