M I X E D   U S E    D E V E L O P M E N T


Studio – B.a.d where appointed by GO SOUTHAMPTON in Dec 2019 to undertake a strategic  over view of No 2 Ogle road, the brief being to look at a whole host of mixed uses, from co working, café, tourist Information , cultural and arts venue, retail and a space for the GO Southampton team.


The design strategy has been to review and respond to  the existing conditions, which currently exist within the existing building and the wider context of the Marlands shopping center and the frontage to Ogle Road.


The challenge has been to look at a number of design ideas that can maximize these existing conditions and exploit the potential for future uses and current use strategy.


A series of potential development options have been carefully created, considered and presented in this document,  looking at the various uses identified in the client brief, that sit comfortably in this context. But also to create a strategic method that can allow for the various spaces to adapt depending on the potential uses

These options seek to address the building that’s sandwiched between existing uses within the Marlands shopping center. The response has been to the existing building but also the current urban situation, we have taken our ques from some of the current thinking around developing flexible, meanwhile interiors that allow for a whole host of uses within open plan spaces. But also the introduction of the horizontal linear pod structures, give a sense of rationality and organization and separation between daily key uses and circulation,  that attempt  to add a new contemporary insertion into these spaces. The proposal to add mezzanine’s and cut through the existing floors, enables us to exploit the possibility of drawing daylight and visual connection between, basement, ground and first floor. This is important to create some connection between floors, so that the building does to appear cellular in its verticality


The various opportunities illustrated also seek to place great importance on the quality of space and light with the various options. The varying sectional images seek to  illustrate that these options have been carefully considered with the use of natural light that responds to each floors original  aspect.

Key to the success of this building will be to achieve a flexible plan arrangement and this is something we have strived to achieve, in the various options.


The various proposals at all levels, seek to engage with a series of new proposed uses, that might begin speculate on the potential uses of the coming year’s.. So key to this is thinking carefully where stair cores are located as this is critical to making each floor operate on its own merits, but also across the whole building vertically, so this frees up the larger floor plan arrangement.

The options presented are seen as a starting point to create something simple and sympathetic to the existing context of this building. The proposals, seek to speculate on what might happen, with a view to drawing in key stakeholders and end uses as per the ideas explored as part of the client engagement and briefing.