Site progress

It is so rewarding when you head to site and see such progress has been made, at Cullverland Farm and Holly Cottage it was amazing to see how far they have come, the construction team have definitely made the most of the long, dry days to race ahead with the build.

Cullverland Farm, in Berkshire, is now practically completed. Externally all the vertical cladding has been installed which gives the feeling that the build is finished, although there is still more to complete internally and the landscaping needs some attention too! The two storey extension looks fabulous, one of our favorite moments in the building is the private terrace, just off the master bedroom, which offers stunning views out across the surrounding countryside – it is good to see some chairs have already made their way onto it so the owners can already take advantage of the views.

The external work on Holly Cottage is nearing completion, with some work still to be done on the roof and cladding. Despite the work that still needs to be done, you can get a real sense of the contemporary extension which looks amazing and will deliver the much needed space the family need. This project has been slightly delicate onsite, due to the nature of altering a Grade II Listed home set within the South Downs National Park.