The Future of Urban Centers’ Report

We were thrilled to see  our Bedford Place scheme in  Southampton, and the work we collaborated on for the Southampton Tactical Urbanism project, featuring in the report on future of urban centers by Metro Dynamics. The report was prepared conjunction with the 36 key cities & core cities network across the UK, looked into our changing urban landscape.

The study has highlighted the unique, post pandemic, opportunity we have to make real and positive changes to our cities. ‘A straight bounce back for urban centers is neither likely, nor desirable.’ It uses various case studies from across the UK, demonstrating possible solutions that can assist other urban areas with their economic recovery, creating more liveable cities and greener cities.

They applauded the work Southampton has done in tackling urban changes, to create new uses for the high street and establishing culture as a key part of its economic recovery. The Bedford Place and Southampton Vinyl project are key example of these aspects coming together, working with local artists and businesses to create active, creative projects that deliver ‘go-to’ destinations.

The full report can be downloaded here