Culverlands site progress

Culverlands Farm is progressing well on site. It is always such a joy when projects move from the drawing board and into the physical world, we really enjoy and celebrate seeing our designs start to take shape.

The project has reimagined the Farm House with a contemporary 2 storey extension onto the traditional Victorian Farm House located in West Berkshire.

The clients have been very conscious through the site clearing process, looking to embrace a circular economy to reduce waste and reuse as many materials as they possibly can. Reclaimed bricks, from redundant structures on the site, are getting reused in the build, adding a unique and rich texture to the new addition.

In collaboration with John Barkley Architects.

Summer Lounge onsite

We have started onsite for the new ‘Summer Lounge’ project in Southampton.

The collaborative project reimagines the historic Guildhall Square, animating the space with the introduction of pop up markets, performance space, seating and an 480sqm urban beach. This week we have been painting the ‘urban rug’, the bold artwork that will cohesively bring all the elements together.

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The Future of Urban Centers’ Report

We were thrilled to see  our Bedford Place scheme in  Southampton, and the work we collaborated on for the Southampton Tactical Urbanism project, featuring in the report on future of urban centers by Metro Dynamics. The report was prepared conjunction with the 36 key cities & core cities network across the UK, looked into our changing urban landscape.

The study has highlighted the unique, post pandemic, opportunity we have to make real and positive changes to our cities. ‘A straight bounce back for urban centers is neither likely, nor desirable.’ It uses various case studies from across the UK, demonstrating possible solutions that can assist other urban areas with their economic recovery, creating more liveable cities and greener cities.

They applauded the work Southampton has done in tackling urban changes, to create new uses for the high street and establishing culture as a key part of its economic recovery. The Bedford Place and Southampton Vinyl project are key example of these aspects coming together, working with local artists and businesses to create active, creative projects that deliver ‘go-to’ destinations.

The full report can be downloaded here

Design collaboration, guest blog by Amanda Moore

The above image is an aerial shot of Bedford/Carlton Place, Southampton, taken in July 2021. The Bedford/Carlton Place Activation Project is a scheme I worked on recently in collaboration with Studio B.A.D, designing the artwork for the street mural. This was applied in semi-permanent coloured paint to encourage pedestrian interaction with this road surface, temporarily closed to vehicles in relation to COVID-19 social distancing measures. The street mural was further furnished with lighting, planters, tables, chairs and also other items placed by local traders which further developed the project over time.

I originally trained as a sculptor before deciding to study architecture as I hoped to work on creative projects within more of a team environment, rather than the typically more solitary artist studio environment. I also aimed to work on projects which would be of benefit to a wider community and become less of a commodity than fine art works can sometimes be. For me, moving into public art over the last few years has integrated various skills from both disciplines including; researching local context, imaginative design, selecting materials, project management, working with others and assessing community feedback.

Over the last few months I have also been collaborating on other projects with Studio B.A.D including the Summer Lounge activation scheme due to be installed in Guildhall Square, Southampton, later this month. Studio B.A.D work with a range of collaborators and this is my first instance of working with an architectural practice where the artwork has been thought of as an intrinsic part of the overall scheme. Too often different creative disciplines sit at arm’s length in built environment projects. In the Bedford Place scheme, the artwork was fundamental to the placement of the other designed elements. The success of the project has been the day-to-day use of the artwork to informally test permanent solutions for this area of public space. This type of wide-ranging collaboration is a growing trend and an opportunity to bring in creatives from outside of the traditional masterplanning backgrounds to create more unique experiences.

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Interior Architecture Brighton Awards 2021

Studio B.A.D were proud to sponsor an award,  for the third consecutive year, and be an active part of the judging panel at the famed INTERIOR  ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL led by the hugely inspirational Gemma Barton. Gemma has been collaborating with Studio B.A.D on our Bedford Place Tactical Urbanism project.  We, as a collective, are always keen to support, and promote the next generation of designers, it is an important aspect of the practice’s ethos. The ‘Studio B.A.D + Chora Award’ recognises Interior Architecture graduating students for narrative and storytelling, through excellence in drawing and representation.

The entries for this year were of a very high level, with some very inspiring and through provoking designs ideas. We commend all the shortlisted nominations; it was a difficult decision to select just two winners in this category.

First prize was awarded to Matilda Swift-Bernard for her ‘Extinction Rebellion HQ’ project.

Darren Bray commented ‘A wonderful revolutionary project, very much rooted in the now, with a quite beautiful narrative of how two environmental activists come together for form an amazing partnership and alliance to do good in the world, responding to the pressures of climate change. A gorgeous heady mixture of powerful storey telling through rigorous tectonic architecture, some beautifully sensitive representation showing the quite wonderful bird bath structure. The reuse of plastic in a reimagined innovative new construction material in the atmospheric subterranean world is both ingenious and a real spectacle. There are so many layers to this thoroughly well considered project. Matilda is to be congratulated for such energy and inventiveness!’

Second prize was awarded to Iona Hepworth for her ‘The Mussel Club’ project.

Darren Bray commented ‘The Mussel club is quite majestic in its concept and incredibly strong entrepreneurial narrative. The idea of working with water and the way in which this is harnessed for the process of mussel farming is delivered with real passion and rigor. The beautiful iterative platform drawings are reminiscent of Matisse’s abstract cut outs and give a real glimpse and flavor of how one would use and interact with such a space, with some powerful sensory moments, especially those demonstrated through the atmospheric film. There are some quite wonderful representation technique’s employed where the sections show both the tectonic qualities of the existing structure but also the sensitivity nature of the water collection fabric. Iona has created a wonderful world of sensory overload, which beautifully represented.’

Darren Bray awarded the RUSU Award

I am honoured to be recognised in this year’s Reading University Students Union annual awards, winning the Teaching Excellence Award for Built Environment. As these awards are nominated by the students I teach, it makes the prize feel even more exceptional.

Teaching has always been important to me, as I have written about in a previous blog post. When I was younger it was my teachers who saw my potential and helped to encourage me, this was something that inspired me to teach myself, I had always hoped to be able to pass this positive experience on to the next generation.

There are so many other great teachers at Reading University, I am humbled to have been singled out for this honour. This award has come as a very pleasant surprise, after such a challenging year for us all it is positive news that is even more welcomed.

‘Darren is an inspiration ever since the first lecture he gave. He always gets us talking and always has more to add to the lessons. He’s informative and precise. On a personal note he has helped me believe in myself by talking about his dyslexia, helping me to overcome what I have struggled with for many years, I cannot thank him enough!’