Fall Hill Quarry is a former industrial Quarry situated to the south-east of Ashover in north-east Derbyshire. It is a remarkable, irregular shaped area of former mineral working, extending in total to approximately 1.9 hectares. The site, which is one part of a series of former quarries at Fallgate, has been worked historically for limestone, lead and fluorspar. It is essentially a large circular shaped, steep sided deep hole which is now partly flooded. The waterlogged areas, which extend to about 0.25 hectare and in places, 10m deep, are enclosed by vertical rock faces and part vegetated slopes.

Studio : B.A.D Architects has undertaken a detailed feasibility study for a potential new Paragraph 79 (55) house in this truly unique location, which has such a rich industrial past. Under the Paragraph 79 clause planning can be granted for ‘truly outstanding or innovative’ designs or architecture that ‘significantly enhances the immediate setting.’

The house that has been conceived is one that is low energy and innovative in its design approach, promoting the best in architecture, engineering & cutting-edge construction methods that engages with its local context. The home is designed as a place to switch off from the digital world and immerse oneself in the stunning Derbyshire landscape, and its rich heritage. The fundamental purpose has placed innovative, sustainable design at the heart of the architectural concept for this site, with a vision to deliver something quite unique.

Practice : Studio: B.A.D Architects

Time Scale: Dec 2018 – Ongoing

Budget: £750,000

Location: Ashover, Derbyshire

Client: Private