Making a difference through innovation

It was such a privilege to be asked to contribute to the latest ‘Solve’ magazine, published by Portsmouth University. The publication showcases past Portsmouth alumni who are busy across all sectors, creating a better world for all and it was great discussing our work at Studio BAD, our passions and philosophy around critical thinking and problem solving.

It was truly humbling to be included in this impressive list including: Roni Savage BEng the founder of ‘Jomas Associates’ who work with the construction industry to ensure sites are fit for development; Kia Hallaji BSc Hons Senior Inventor at ‘?What If!’ helping companies invent new things, products, services or brands; and the truly inspiring Mille Clare BA Hons, although a recent graduate she has already launched ‘Human Beauty’ to show the beauty industry why ‘perfect’ is boring but ‘human’ is beautiful.

In the article I discuss the concept, which is central to Studio BAD’s ethos, that architecture holds the potential to be a vehicle for social and economic change for the better. We believe that to be an architect now it isn’t just about designing physical buildings and structures, but fundamentally it is about creative problem solving. For example in our recent Bedford Place project we worked to engage with the road closures during the pandemic, creating a dynamic pedestrianised area that enhanced the area.

The full article, Architects of a better tomorrow, can be found here.


Skinny House submitted for planning

We have finally submitted planning for the most difficult clients, ourselves! Since moving to our family house on Hill Lane in Southampton, I have been looking at the potential idea of redeveloping the corner of the plot and creating a contemporary ‘Skinny House’.

The site is currently an overgrown patch of scrubland with unsightly garages on it, underused by us and an ideal brownfield redevelopment site. Our proposal provides a three bedroom house with secret roof terrace and courtyard garden, carefully positioned on the site to minimise disruption to adjacent buildings.

Studio B.A.D are passionate about designing sustainable, housing solutions, the redevelopment of city center brownfield sites, like this proposal, feels like a perfect solution to the housing shortage.

Housing development submitted for planning

We are thrilled to have submitted planning for the Coxford Road housing scheme in Southampton. Working in collaboration with our clients, Darcy Construction, we have delivered a proposal for a much needed major housing scheme for the Maybush district of the city.

Our designs aim high, to deliver quality accommodation for 21st century living. The proposal offers 15 units, comprising of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, most with dual aspect and a private, south facing balcony. The apartments comprise of two red brick blocks, overlooking a central courtyard for all communal use.

The site is currently occupied by a redundant public house, which has been closed for 15 years and is now a magnet for anti-social behaviour. The redevelopment of this site would improve the local condition, and offer much needed housing in this prime location near the General Hospital.

Culverlands site progress

Culverlands Farm is progressing well on site. It is always such a joy when projects move from the drawing board and into the physical world, we really enjoy and celebrate seeing our designs start to take shape.

The project has reimagined the Farm House with a contemporary 2 storey extension onto the traditional Victorian Farm House located in West Berkshire.

The clients have been very conscious through the site clearing process, looking to embrace a circular economy to reduce waste and reuse as many materials as they possibly can. Reclaimed bricks, from redundant structures on the site, are getting reused in the build, adding a unique and rich texture to the new addition.

In collaboration with John Barkley Architects.

Summer Lounge onsite

We have started onsite for the new ‘Summer Lounge’ project in Southampton.

The collaborative project reimagines the historic Guildhall Square, animating the space with the introduction of pop up markets, performance space, seating and an 480sqm urban beach. This week we have been painting the ‘urban rug’, the bold artwork that will cohesively bring all the elements together.

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The Future of Urban Centers’ Report

We were thrilled to see  our Bedford Place scheme in  Southampton, and the work we collaborated on for the Southampton Tactical Urbanism project, featuring in the report on future of urban centers by Metro Dynamics. The report was prepared conjunction with the 36 key cities & core cities network across the UK, looked into our changing urban landscape.

The study has highlighted the unique, post pandemic, opportunity we have to make real and positive changes to our cities. ‘A straight bounce back for urban centers is neither likely, nor desirable.’ It uses various case studies from across the UK, demonstrating possible solutions that can assist other urban areas with their economic recovery, creating more liveable cities and greener cities.

They applauded the work Southampton has done in tackling urban changes, to create new uses for the high street and establishing culture as a key part of its economic recovery. The Bedford Place and Southampton Vinyl project are key example of these aspects coming together, working with local artists and businesses to create active, creative projects that deliver ‘go-to’ destinations.

The full report can be downloaded here